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Papers On Israel & The Middle East
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Poverty Issues and Social Service Safety Nets in the Middle East and North Africa -- Focus on The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
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This 20 page report discusses the economies and social systems of nations in the Middle East and North Africa. Income distribution during economic adjustment has actually worsened in many of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa as their governments attempt to change from being directly involved in economic activity and work instead to create conditions for the economically active to help themselves. Bibliography lists 17 sources.
Filename: BWjorpov.wps

Sociology of Mortuary Practices
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A 6 page paper summarizing ten articles written in the vein of “Social dimensions of mortuary practices” by A.A. Saxe and addressing such subjects as Jewish Shiva, Sadako’s paper cranes, Southern funeral traditions and findings at an Early Bronze Age site in Jordan. All of these articles point toward the magnitude of the impact of death within specific societies or segments of larger ones. Though the practices and beliefs vary, the common factor is that single deaths have for millennia affected greater numbers of those still living. Bibliography lists 10 sources.
Filename: KSmourn.wps

The Political Culture of Jordan
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A 6 page overview of the political culture of Jordan. Relates the history of Jordan since it won its independence from Great Britain in 1946 and relates the political culture of the country is largely determined by trade-based interaction with other countries and the policies which regulate this trade. Bibliography lists sources.
Filename: PPjordnB.wps

Iranians In The US and the Cold War Effect On That Relationship:
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This five page-paper presents and in-depth discussion on why Iranians first began coming to the US and what historical event promoted their migration. Bibliography lists four sources.
Filename: CWirania.wps

Arab Nationalism / Why A Single, Unified Arab State Has Not Yet Been Achieved
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7 pages in length. Despite the fact that a single, unified Arab state has long been desired, the ever-present distraction of nation-state patriotism and tribal loyalties have remained the wedge that continues to defeat such a quest. Arab nationalism is said to be at fault for this inability to form a unified Arab state; however, there are those who contend that there exist a combination of reasons behind this ineffectualness. Not only does it have to do with Western interference and narrow-minded Arab leadership, but it also has a significant amount to do with the way that several nation-states uphold their political and social contrarieties. A considerable amount of critics believe that in order to achieve a cohesive, single, unified Arab state, there must be an end to violence and discord, as well as a move toward individual plans of development and removal of the nationalistic ideal. The writer discusses nationalism and unification as they relate to the Arab states. Bibliography lists 6 sources.
Filename: ArabNat4.wps

“Between Memory and Desire: The Middle East in a Troubled Age”: A Review of the Book by Stephen Humphries
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A 5 page review of the many factors which have interacted to shape the past and the present in the Middle East. Explains the title of the book and provides a chapter by chapter review noting the economic, political, and ideological factors which have interacted over the generations to shape one of the most fascinating regions on earth. Emphasizes the importance of Islam in particular in this formative process. No additional sources are listed.
Filename: PPmemDes.wps

“The Palestinian Liberation Organization, People, Power and Politics”: A Review of the Book by Helena Cobban
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A 5 page overview of the history of the PLO as presented by author Helena Cobban. This paper compares the presentation in the book with the history of the Palestinian resistance, concluding that there are no clearly defined “good guys” or “bad guys”, that both Palestine and Israel are responsible for many injustices. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: PPplo.rtf

“Waging Peace: Israel and the Arabs, 1948-2003” by Itamar Rabinovich
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A 5 page review of “Waging Peace: Israel and the Arabs, 1948-2003” by Itamar Rabinovich. No additional sources cited.
Filename: RAwgp.rtf

"All the Shah's Men"
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This 5 page paper examines Stephen Kinzer's book "All the Shah's Men" with regard to America's foreign entanglements, and asks whether the nation is well served by a policy of effecting regime change in other sovereign nations. It further discusses Kinzer's book with regard to the promises President Truman made in his speech in Mexico City in 1947. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: HVAllSha.rtf

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