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Alpha Phi Omega on Resume: How Joining This Organization Can Benefit Your Career

Are you a job seeker or recent graduate trying to enhance your resume with relevant extracurricular activities? Look no further than Alpha Phi Omega. This organization, founded in 1925, is a co-ed service fraternity with a mission of developing leadership, promoting friendship, and providing service to both campus and community.

The Significance of Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are an indispensable part of a well-rounded college experience. Being involved in a wide range of activities not only enriches your college experience, but also distinguishes you from others in the job market. Joining Alpha Phi Omega is an opportunity to develop valuable skills that can be translated int the corporate and professional world.

Benefits of Alpha Phi Omega

By joining Alpha Phi Omega, you’ll have numerous opportunities to develop leadership and teamwork experience. As a member, you’ll be exposed to diverse tasks and projects that allow you to improve your communication and collaboration skills.

Membership in Alpha Phi Omega also provides excellent professional development opportunities. There are several roles within the organization, including leadership positions that allow you to gain valuable experience in management, event coordination, and fund management.

Moreover, being actively involved in community service projects offered by Alpha Phi Omega is significant for both personal and professional growth. Service opportunities through the organization include a wide range of volunteering activities that help in shaping you as a responsible and compassionate individual.

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As an Alpha Phi Omega member, you also gain access to a lifelong network of members who share the same values with you. These members could potentially help you with job search and help you establish a foothold in various industries.

Success Stories

Countless members have attributed their success in the professional world to their experience in Alpha Phi Omega. One of such stories is that of Joe Thomas, who served as the president of the chapter at his college. He asserts that his leadership and organization skills have helped him become the top-performing project manager in his team. Similarly, Sandra Smith, a lawyer, credits her membership in Alpha Phi Omega as one of the ways she developed leadership skills that helped her make a difference in her community.

Key Takeaways

  • Extracurricular activities are as essential as academic achievement
  • Joining Alpha Phi Omega provides excellent opportunities to develop leadership and teamwork skills
  • Being an active Alpha Phi Omega member provides you access to a lifetime network of individuals that share the same values.
  • Getting involved in community service offered thorugh the organization is an excellent platform for personal growth.
  • Alpha Phi Omega and other similar organizations have a proven track record of benefitting careers.


No matter your skillset, there is a place for you in Alpha Phi Omega. By joining this organization, you can take advantage of the numerous opportunities for service, leadership, professional development, and lifelong networking. The experience you gain in Alpha Phi Omega is valuable and helpful when it comes to boosting and enhancing your career.

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How can Alpha Phi Omega help my resume?

Alpha Phi Omega provides opportunities to develop your leadership, teamwork, and professional skills through community service projects, fundraising, leadership positions within the organization, and other activities.

What kind of community service projects does Alpha Phi Omega offer?

Alpha Phi Omega offers a wide range of community service projects, including volunteering at local schools, nursing homes, and homeless shelters, working with environmental and animal rights groups, and participating in disaster relief efforts.

Can I join Alpha Phi Omega if I’ve already graduated from college?

No, Alpha Phi Omega is specifically for college-aged individuals. However, there are many similar organizations that welcome recent graduates and professionals.

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