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Chemistry Extended Essay Topics: Exploring the Boundless Possibilities

Are you a chemistry enthusiast searching for a great topic for your extended essay? Look no further! With the vast field of chemistry, there is an abundance of topics that can be explored. This article will present a range of ideas from general to specific that cover different areas and subtopics within the field of chemistry.

Key Takeaways

  • Chemistry has various subfields, so choose a topic that interests you to make your research manageable and enjoyable.
  • Literature review is important to ensure that the topic of your extended essay has a potentially significant contribution to the field.
  • Prioritize a feasible topic since it is important to complete the essay timely.
  • Chemistry has interdisciplinary relationships with other fields, so exploring a topic that involves a cross-over of two fields is a wise plan.

Inspiring Ideas for Chemistry Extended Essay Topics

For General Chemistry:

  1. Investigation of vitamin C content of food or drink. Ascorbic acid is a common antioxidant that helps prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals, which in return cause aging and diseases. You can use various chemistry techniques such as titration, AAS, or chromatography to determine the vitamin C content in particular food, compare between different types of food, or study the effects of storage temperature or a cooking method on vitamin C content.
  2. Analyzing the levels and types of dissolved minerals in local water sources. Mineral composition of natural water sources vary depending on sources, seasons, and regions. Choose a local area, collect water samples, and analyze the concentration of various minerals using chemical analysis techniques. You can compare the results among different sources such as wells, rivers, and ponds or investigate if the mineral contents vary with time.
  3. Investigating the effectiveness of organic pesticides compared to synthetic pesticides. Synthetically manufactured pesticides contribute negatively to our environment; they pollute soil and water sources and can cause harm to wildlife. This study involves investigating the effectiveness of organic pesticides compared to synthetic pesticides in eliminating pests. The study may involve testing the organic and synthetic pesticides under controlled conditions to see which pesticides are more effective, efficient, and economical.
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For Organic Chemistry:

  1. Synthesizing a plant oil into biodiesel. Synthesize a fatty-acid from plant oils into biodiesel in the laboratory using organic chemistry. Investigate the actual efficiency of biofuel compared to other fuel types.
  2. Synthesizing pain relievers or natural fragrances from essential oils. Investigating the organic chemistry involved in synthesizing these compounds is fascinating, and it can lead to the formulation of useful products.
  3. Investigating the quality and composition of honey. Choose a local areas that produces a large amount of honey and investigate its quality by analyzing its chemical composition. Examples of chemical analysis techniques that can be applied are Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, water content determination, pH measurement, and colorimetry.

For Biochemistry

  1. Investigating the mechanisms of antibiotic resistance in bacteria. Antibiotic resistance is a significant global issue. This study involves investigating the proteins responsible for antibiotic resistance in bacteria using biochemical and genetic techniques.
  2. Investigating the effect of different factors on the rate of fermentation process and the alcohol content of beer. With home brewing becoming a trendy hobby amongst craft beer enthusiasts, this topic is quite relevant. Investigate the effect of different factors on the rate of fermentation process and the alcohol content of beer. Factors that can affect the fermentation and alcohol content of beer include temperature, duration of fermentation, and types of yeast used.
  3. Investigating the enzyme kinetics of glucocerebrosidase in Gaucher’s disease patients. Gaucher’s disease is a metabolic disorder caused by the abnormal accumulation of the lipid glucocerebroside in various different organs. This study involves investigating the kinetics of the enzyme glucocerebrosidase present in Gaucher’s disease patients using techniques such as enzyme assay.
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For Interdisciplinary Topics:

  1. The effects of air pollution on respiratory illness (Chemistry/Biology). This study involves analyzing the concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere of a particular area and comparing them to the incidence of respiratory illness in that area using statistical methods.
  2. Investigating the underlying chemistry of geothermal energy in Iceland (Chemistry/Physics/Geology). Explore the chemistry of geothermal energy by investigating and analyzing the properties of water from natural geothermal sources, such as the famous Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
  3. Analyzing the correlation between certain medication and abnormalities in urine composition (Chemistry/Medicine). This study involves analyzing & correlating urine concentration measurements with medication intake, using urine chemical analysis techniques like High-Performance Liquid Chromatography.


Chemistry is an exciting and limitless field, and the extended essay provides a great opportunity to explore and connect different subfields of chemistry. With careful consideration, you can find a chemistry extended essay topic that is both interesting and feasible. Whether you choose general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, or an interdisciplinary topic, remember to enjoy the process of researching, testing, and writing your essay. Happy researching and good luck!


What is an extended essay in chemistry?

An extended essay in chemistry provides creative and independent research for students to investigate, analyze, and evaluate a chosen chemistry topic of their interest.

What are the requirements for chemistry extended essay?

The IB requirement for chemistry extended essay is to write a minimum of 3500 words, research within an approved area of the topic, present an annotated bibliography, and use chemistry-related research techniques.

What is the significance of the chemistry extended essay?

A chemistry extended essay allows students to explore topics that they are passionate about and practice skills that they will need in college and beyond, such as researching, analyzing, writing, and experimenting. It is also an opportunity for students to showcase their knowledge and enthusiasm for the fascinating field of chemistry.

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