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Comparing and Contrasting Brave New World’s Society with Modern Society

Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is a captivating novel that paints a picture of a futuristic society where science, technology, and the government come together to ensure that everyone is happy, healthy, and productive. However, this concept of happiness comes at a significant cost – individuality, freedom, and creativity. In this essay, we will compare and contrast the society depicted in Brave New World with modern society. We will examine key themes and concepts presented in the novel, including the use of technology, conformity, and individuality. Additionally, we will explore how both societies prioritize happiness and individualism, how they regulate their citizens, and how they view love, family, and purpose.

Technological Advancements

In Brave New World, great emphasis is placed on the use of technology that can ensure happiness and productivity in society. The government of the novel uses technology to manufacture and control people’s behavior, avoiding any rebellion or anti-government sentiment. For example, in the novel, babies are pre-conditioned to accept their predetermined social placement and to perpetuate the values of the state. This is a dramatic departure from modern society where technology is mostly used to make our lives more comfortable or efficient.

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Importance of Conformity

The society of Brave New World is built on strict conformity, where every individual is conditioned to follow societal norms and roles. Individuality or difference is not tolerated, and any behavior deemed unacceptable is seen as a threat to the society’s stability. In contrast, modern society allows individuals to have a wider range of personal choices that go beyond what is considered conventional.

Role of Individuality in Society

In modern society, individuality is an essential value that grants people their unique identities, and this has opened up areas of creativity and entrepreneurship. On the other hand, in the Brave New World society, individuality is not valued, and people surrender their personal autonomy for the sake of the collective… happiness.

Prioritizing Happiness and Individualism

In modern society, happiness is often pursued through personal freedom, achievement, and self-expression. People strive for a work-life balance, and much emphasis is placed on finding joy and satisfaction in personal relationships and communities. Conversely, in Brave New World, happiness is a result of social unity, lack of conflict, and absence of complications that arise from individualism. Personal accomplishments and ambitions are not given much importance, and those who strive for individual gains are criticized and ostracized.

Regulating Citizens

Modern society values individual freedom, choice, and self-determination. Governments have a legal obligation to protect these rights and limit any infringement on personal liberties. On the other hand, Brave New World’s government is seen as totalitarian, where the government exerts full control over people through stringent social conditioning and indoctrination.

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Love, Family, and Purpose

Love, family, and purpose are crucial dimensions of modern life that have been a part of our cultural and social fabric since time immemorial. They remain essential components that give us meaning and purpose as we pursue our life goals. In contrast, in Brave New World’s society, love, family, and purpose are viewed as distractions, which are discouraged, and their importance is deemed no longer significant.

Key Takeaways

  • Technology plays different roles in modern society and Brave New World society. While modern technology exists mainly to improve our lives and experiences, technology in Brave New World is used to control behavior.
  • While modern society values personal freedom and individuality, Brave New World society values stability and conformity as defense against any rebellion or anti-government activity.
  • Individuality is a core value in modern society that allows for creative expression, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. In contrast, in Brave New World, individuality is a threat to stability and is not promoted or tolerated.
  • Happiness is prioritized differently in the two societies. Modern society focuses on self-expression and personal achievement, while Brave New World society prioritizes social unity and stability above individual accomplishments.
  • Citizens’ regulation is an essential aspect of Brave New World’s society, where the government limits freedom of thought and action through stringent social conditioning and indoctrination.
  • Love, family, and purpose remain crucial components of modern society that give us meaning and fulfillment, but they are discouraged and seen as unnecessary in Brave New World’s society.


In conclusion, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World presents a future society where the oppression of individuality and creativity comes at a steep cost. Kudos to modern society for valuing individual rights, personal freedoms, and technological advancements that go far beyond mere compliance, serving to make life richer, more fulfilling, and satisfying.

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What is the significance of individuality in modern society?

Individuality allows for giving rise to creative expression and personal growth. People are encouraged to express their unique personalities since it is the foundation of innovation and entrepreneurship.

What is the significance of happiness in Brave New World?

Happiness in Brave New World is a result of social unity, lack of conflict, and absence of complications that arise from individualism. Although this type of Happiness is desirable but still all-encompassing, and that leaves no room for individual self-expression or personal advancement.

Why is technology perceived differently in modern society vs. Brave New World society?

Modern society views technology as a boon to make life more efficient, productive and enjoyable, while Brave New World saw technology exclusively being used to control behavior and reduce individuality.

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