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Dress to Impress: What to Wear When Dropping Off a Resume

Job hunting can be a challenging and stressful process, and dressing appropriately when dropping off a resume is just as important as having an impressive one. The way you present yourself during these initial interactions with hiring managers can significantly impact their hiring decisions. In this guide, we will provide practical tips for job seekers on what to wear when dropping off a resume.

Dressing Appropriately for Different Job Sectors

Each job sector may have its form of dress code, but there are a few general rules to follow when dressing for different job sectors. Here are some tips to consider:

Retail Jobs

When dropping off a resume at a retail store, it’s better to dress in the company’s clothes. For example, if you’re applying to work at a sportswear brand, dress like an athlete.

Hospitality Jobs

Dressing in business casual attire is a safe bet for hospitality jobs such as restaurants or hotels. Choose a collared shirt, blouse or dress pants.

Office/Professional Jobs

For office or professional jobs, it’s crucial to dress formally. A dark suit, dress pants, or pencil skirt with a blouse and a clean pair of shoes can make an excellent first impression.

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Dressing Appropriately for Job Interviews

Once you’ve landed an interview, the stakes are higher. It’s time to up your game with appropriate dressing for that interview. Here’s what to consider:

It’s Time to Suit Up

A suit is the best option for a job interview. Wear a well-fitting suit that is comfortable to move in. If you’re topping a suit, wear a collared shirt or blouse underneath.

The Color Choice

For job interviews, the safest color options are navy, black, or gray. They are universally flattering and look professional.

Pay Attention to Grooming and Accessories

As a rule of thumb, keep it simple and elegant. Avoid distracting accessories or flashy jewelry that can take the attention away from you. Ensure that your hairstyle is neat and tidy.

What to Avoid

While dressing for dropping of your resume, there are a few things that you should avoid:

Don’t Overdo the Perfume/Cologne

Perfumes and colognes are personal preferences, and not everyone likes them. Don’t overpower the employer with strong odors.

Avoid Revealing or Ill-Fitting Clothes

Revealing or clothes that show too much skin can make the wrong impression. Ensure that your clothes fit well and are not too tight or too loose.

Avoid Flip-Flops and Sneakers

Flip-flops and sneakers are too casual for a professional environment. Choose proper footwear that goes well with your outfit.

Key Takeaways

When it comes to dressing appropriately for job seeking, here are some key takeaways to keep in mind:

  • Dress appropriately to the job sector when dropping off your resume.
  • Dress up in formal wear for job interviews.
  • Keep it simple and elegant when accessorizing.
  • Avoid revealing or ill-fitting clothes.
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Follow these rules of thumb to make an excellent impression on hiring managers and stand out for the right reasons.


Q: Can I dress casually for a job interview?

A: Dressing casually for a job interview may give the impression that you are not taking the hiring process seriously. It may impact your chances of getting hired.

Q: What colors should I avoid when dressing for a job interview?

A: Bright and flashy colors may not be suitable for a job interview. It’s safer to stick to navy, black, or gray when choosing your interview attire.

Q: Do I need to dress up for retail jobs?

A: Dressing up in the company’s clothes may impress the employer while dropping off your resume at a retail store.

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