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Duke Supplement Essay 2018: Things You Need to Know

Are you aspiring to attend Duke University? Their supplemental essay isn’t an optional opportunity. With its competitive admission process, the Duke Supplement Essay 2018 needs to showcase what sets you apart. Here are some key takeaways you must keep in mind when crafting your essay.

Key Takeaways

  1. Know what Duke wants: To make a standout application, you need to know what Duke values. Duke wants students with an intellectual fire to study at their globally renowned research university. They want to see innovation, diverse perspectives, and a firm understanding of Duke’s academic and campus culture. Try to highlight these elements in your essay.
  2. Choose a meaningful topic: Duke gives applicants the space to choose one of seven prompts or submit a personal essay. Don’t get lost in the appeal of a more unique or creative question. Instead, choose the prompt that you can answer best. A strong essay will communicate your personal story and make meaningful connections with Duke’s values.
  3. Think outside of the box: It’s important to make an impression, and you can achieve that by presenting a unique response. Always double-check the prompt to ensure you’re answering the question, but try to approach the question in a creative manner.
  4. Tailor your essay: avoid just mapping out your life story. Instead, look for how specific parts of your story fit into the essay prompt. Make sure you discuss relevant experiences that highlight your personality and your interest in studying at Duke.
  5. Be genuine: The Duke University administration is aware of fake storytelling, which is a widespread problem among college applicants. Hence, it is important to be true to yourself, and to be aware of the values and expectations of Duke when answering the prompt.
  6. Reveal Your Character: Think about the character traits that you demonstrate, that are valuable traits in a Duke student, and flag these in your essay. Revealing parts of your character and how they fit into Duke’s mission will show them who you are as an individual and what you can bring to their campus.
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Overall, you must make your Duke Supplement Essay 2018 count. You have a vibrant and exciting four-year academic experience at Duke ahead of you, so ensure your essay reflects your enthusiasm and potential.


Do I have to conform to a fixed structure when writing my essay?

No. There are no strict rules about body paragraph organization or sentence structure. But, ensure that the essay reflects your personality, while keeping in mind Duke’s expectations.

Can I submit any materials or evidence to support the points mentioned in my essay?

You can mention any additional material in your essay but can’t attach documents. So, all you can do is use relevant examples to showcase your personality and experiences to the Admissions Department.

How important is the Duke Supplement Essay in my application?

Each part of your application carries a different weightage. However, the essay is an excellent way to show your personality, experiences, and character. So, it is a crucial aspect of your college application.

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