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Funny Resume Mistakes: A Collection of Hilarious Blunders

When it comes to the job search process, one of the most important documents you’ll ever write is your resume. Resumes are designed to showcase your skills, experience, and achievements to potential employers, and the better your resume, the higher your chances of getting hired. However, amidst all the pressure, it’s not uncommon for people to commit some truly hilarious blunders on their resumes. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the funniest resume mistakes we’ve come across, their potential consequences, and offer practical advice on how to avoid making them in the future.

1. The Email Gaffe

Nothing screams unprofessionalism quite like an inappropriate email address on your resume. Unfortunately, we’ve come across countless resumes with email addresses like “[email protected]” or “[email protected].” It’s important to remember that your email address is a direct representation of your personal brand, and it’s always best to keep it simple and professional.

2. The Confusing Titles

Your employment history should be clear and concise. However, we’ve seen applicants who are too creative with their job titles, making it difficult for employers to understand what their position actually entailed. For example, “Chief Happiness Officer” might sound whimsical, but it’s not very helpful to a potential employer.

3. The Grammatical Error

In today’s digital age, most employers will view your resume electronically. Therefore, it’s essential to proofread your resume for grammar and spelling errors before submitting it. Failing to do so risks costing you a job opportunity, such as confusing “your” for “you’re” or “there” for “their.”

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4. The Personal Information Slip-Up

Sharing personal information like your date of birth or marital status can lead to potential discrimination. Be wary of including any extra personal information that does not directly relate to your qualifications.

5. The Over-Complicated Design

While you may think a colorful and artistic resume design will help you stand out, it’s rarely the case. Your resume should be easy to read and navigate, and a design that is too complicated could get in the way of that. Stick to simple and professional formatting to ensure it can be easily read on all devices and platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • Always proofread your resume before submitting it.
  • Keep your resume design simple and professional.
  • Avoid using creative job titles that could confuse potential employers.
  • Omit any personal information that does not relate to your qualifications.
  • Use a professional email address on your resume.


It’s important to remember that your resume is your first impression to potential employers, and the smallest mistake can ruin it. By learning from these funny mistakes and taking a little extra time to proofread, organize, and format your resume properly, you increase your chances of putting your best foot forward and landing that dream job.


Q: Can I use humor in my resume?

A: While it’s important to stand out, using humor on your resume is a risky move. It’s better to keep your professional documents professional and save the humor for the interview.

Q: Should I include a photo of myself on my resume?

A: It depends on the country and company culture. Some places require a photo and others don’t. Do your research on the company before making that decision.

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