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How to Create a Problem Solver Resume to Catch Amazon’s Attention

Finding the perfect job can be challenging, especially when it comes to a leading company like Amazon. With thousands of applicants competing for the same position, creating a problem solver resume that resonates with potential employers, such as Amazon, can help you stand out from the crowd.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the key steps to create a resume that is tailored to Amazon’s core competencies and will stand out to Amazon recruiters. From understanding the hiring process, identifying your key skills, highlighting your achievements to designing and formatting, you’ll learn how to create a problem solver resume that catches Amazon’s attention.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the hiring process and what Amazon looks for in resumes
  • Identify your key skills and experiences that align with Amazon’s core competencies
  • Craft a compelling opening statement that showcases your unique value proposition
  • Highlight your achievements through the STAR method
  • Tailor your resume to the specific role and company using keywords and jargon
  • Quantify your impact and demonstrate results-oriented mindset with metrics and data
  • Design a visually appealing, professional and easy-to-read resume
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1. Understand the Hiring Process and What Amazon Looks for in Resumes

Before crafting your resume, it’s essential to understand Amazon’s hiring process and expectations.

Amazon values four leadership principles: customer obsession, ownership, bias for action, and invent and simplify. Recruiters at Amazon look for individuals who exemplify these four principles in their everyday work. They also prioritize a candidate’s adaptability and flexibility to work in a fast-paced environment.

Your resume should show that you match with Amazon’s culture and leadership principles.

2. Identify Your Key Skills and Experiences That Align with Amazon’s Core Competencies

Your resume should showcase your relevant skills and experience for the role you are applying for. Align your skills with Amazon’s core competencies and selectively choose the most essential ones to mention.

Amazon looks for candidates with various skills, such as project management, data analysis, marketing, and customer service. Identify the most relevant skills for the role and highlight them in your resume.

3. Craft a Compelling Opening Statement That Showcases Your Unique Value Proposition

Your resume’s opening statement is your chance to make a memorable first impression on the recruiter. It should summarize your qualifications and the unique value that you bring to Amazon.

Be sure to make your opening statement quantitative by including data that can demonstrate your past success. Highlight your key accomplishments and any recognition received on the job.

4. Highlight Your Achievements Through the STAR Method

The STAR method is a powerful way to demonstrate your achievements in your previous role. It stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result, and is an effective way to showcase your impact on the company.

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Highlight how you’ve made a difference in your previous organization, and quantify your achievements where possible. Use figures and stats to back up your achievements, such as increasing sales by a certain percentage, saving the company a certain amount in cost, or leading a team to achieve a target.

5. Tailor Your Resume to the Specific Role and Company Using Keywords and Jargon

A tailored resume that aligns with the specific job requirement and the company’s culture and expectation stands a higher chance of being shortlisted. To tailor your resume, identify the keywords and phrases used in the job description and incorporate them into your resume.

Using industry-specific jargon can help to demonstrate your familiarity with the industry and can help you to make an impression.

6. Quantify Your Impact and Demonstrate Results-Oriented Mindset with Metrics and Data

To impress your recruiter, demonstrate your results-oriented mindset with metrics and data. Where possible, quantify your achievements and impacts from your previous roles. It would be best to use industry-relevant metrics to indicate the extent of the work accomplished.

Highlight how you’ve improved processes, increased productivity and efficiency, and how you’ve handled challenging situations in your previous roles.

7. Design a Visually Appealing, Professional and Easy-To-Read Resume

Finally, design a visually appealing resume in a professional and readable format. Use bullet points to make it easy to scan the resume for the key points recruiters are looking for.

Ensure that the resume has excellent grammar, punctuation and proofread everything to avoid any errors.


Creating a problem solver resume is crucial to catch the attention of Amazon recruiters. The key to an excellent Amazon resume is to align your experience with the company’s core competencies and culture, highlight your achievements through the STAR method, and demonstrate your results-oriented mindset and the ability to adapt to Amazon’s fast-paced work environment.

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Keep your resume concise, visually appealing and professional, and tailor it to the company’s specific job requirements. With these tips, you’ll increase your chances of getting the attention of Amazon recruiters and landing the job of your dreams.


What are Amazon’s Leadership Principles?

The four leadership principles of Amazon are customer obsession, ownership, bias for action, and invent and simplify. Amazon looks for individual candidates who exemplify these four principles in their everyday work.

What is the STAR method?

The STAR method is a technique to demonstrate your achievements in your previous roles, highlighting the Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

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