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How to Create an Impressible Teach for America Resume

If you’re interested in making a difference by working with Teach for America, you’ll need a resume that accurately reflects your skills, experience, and suitability for the role. As you prepare to apply, one of the most critical documents you’ll need is a stand-out Teach for America resume.

Your Teach for America resume should highlight your accomplishments, experiences, and strengths while also painting a picture of your character and personal values. With competition for positions rising, it’s essential to put your best foot forward in your Teach for America resume.

Here is what to include in your Teach for America resume:

Key Sections to Include in Your Teach for America Resume

1. Professional Statement

Your Teach for America resume should start with a professional statement that briefly summarizes your career objectives and key qualifications. You may also want to highlight any notable experiences you’ve had in the field of education or volunteer work.

2. Education and Certifications

This section is particularly crucial for Teach for America resumes. Highlight any degrees, certifications, or licenses you’ve earned, particularly those that relate to education or teaching.

3. Relevant Job Experience

Include all relevant job experience, particularly those that demonstrate your skills and accomplishments in teaching, assisting or supporting students, or education-related tasks. Quantify your achievements with numbers whenever possible.

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4. Leadership and Collaborative Experience

Be sure to highlight any leadership positions you’ve held or any experience working collaboratively. Working with others is a vital component of Teach for America, and demonstrating your ability to successfully work collaboratively and lead is essential.

5. Skills and Achievements

This section of your Teach for America resume is an opportunity to showcase accomplishments, awards, and skills you’ve developed throughout your career or through volunteering, such as cultural competency, public speaking, tutoring, or relevant work or life experiences.

Key Takeaways

  • Your Teach for America resume should include a professional statement, education and certifications, relevant work experience, leadership or collaborative experience, and skills and achievements.
  • Quantify your achievements with numbers whenever possible.
  • Make sure your resume reflects your personal values, character, and passion for education.
  • Research the job posting to identify essential keywords to include in your resume.
  • Edit and proofread your Teach for America resume multiple times to ensure there are no errors or typos.

A well-crafted Teach for America resume can significantly improve your chances of gaining a spot in this prestigious organization. Follow the guidelines above to create a resume that stands out and accurately reflects your qualifications and achievements.


Q: Should I include a cover letter with my Teach for America resume?A: It’s not necessary, but a cover letter is an excellent opportunity to showcase your personality and enthusiasm for the work Teach for America does.

Q: Can I apply to Teach for America without previous teaching experience?A: Yes, Teach for America recruits candidates from a variety of backgrounds, including those without prior experience in education. However, it’s recommended to highlight any relevant leadership, teamwork, or mentoring experience on your Teach for America resume.

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Q: Is formatting important when creating my Teach for America resume?A: Yes, a clear and easy-to-read format is crucial. Use bullet points and standard fonts to make the document easily scan-able. And, ensure your resume is error-free before submitting it.

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