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How to Highlight Board Memberships on Your Resume

Including your board membership history and experience is a great way to showcase your leadership, community involvement, and passion for making a difference on your resume.

Highlighting your board membership on your resume demonstrates to potential employers that you have strong leadership capabilities and a dedicated commitment to the community. In this guide, we’ll discuss why it’s important to include board memberships on your resume, and how to showcase them effectively.

Why Including Board Memberships Are Important

  • Demonstrates Leadership Skills: Serving on a board showcases that you have leadership skills and the ability to work in a leadership position.

  • Showcases Community Involvement: Even serving on a small non-profit board or public advisory committee showcases your commitment to community involvement.

  • Add Diversity to Your Résumé: A board membership can show that you have a diverse background that can add additional value to your professional experiences.

Types of Boards

There are various types of boards that you may serve on, including:

  • Nonprofit boards: These are typically charitable organizations, and the board members are committed to the organization’s mission.

  • Public boards: These are boards established by the government, and their members are appointed.

  • Corporate boards: These boards are responsible for the management and direction of a company.

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Highlighting Your Board Memberships on Your Resume

When you choose to include your board memberships in your resume, make sure to highlight your experiences and contributions to the organization. Here are three ways you can leverage your board memberships:

1. Summary/Objective Section

In the summary or objective section of your resume, consider including a brief statement about your board membership experience. This allows employers to see the commitment you have towards the community and highlights your leadership skills.

2. Experience Section

If you have extensive board membership experience, you can include it in your experience section along with your other professional experiences. This will emphasize your dedication to community involvement and showcase your leadership abilities.

3. Dedicated Section for Community Involvement

If you have served on multiple boards, consider creating a dedicated section on your resume for community involvement. This provides potential employers with a clear understanding of your community involvement and showcases your diverse background.

Showcasing Your Impact and Achievements

Showcasing the impact and achievements of your board membership can highlight the leadership and community-oriented skills that you bring to the table. Here are some ways you can demonstrate your impact and achievements:

  • Describe the initiatives you launched in your time as a board member.
  • Mention any leadership roles that you held during your time on the board.
  • Highlight any significant accomplishments of the organization achieved while you were on the board.

Key Takeaways

  • Including board memberships on your resume showcases leadership and community involvement.

  • Highlighting board memberships in your summary/objective section or experience section can showcase your dedication to community involvement and emphasize leadership skills.

  • Highlighting the impact and achievements of your board membership can demonstrate how you have contributed to the development of the organization.

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Should I include all of my board memberships on my resume?

No, you should only include relevant board memberships that showcase your leadership and community involvement skills.

How important is the role I had on the board?

The role you had on the board does not matter as much as your contributions to the organization. Highlighting the initiatives you launched and stating any accomplishments that occurred during your board membership is more important than the title of the position you held on the board.

I have very little board experience. Should I include it on my resume?

Yes, even a small board membership experience or public advisory committee helps showcase your commitment to community involvement and leadership skills. Don’t forget, every bit of experience counts.

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