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Interview with an Entrepreneur: Insights and Stories that Inspire

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to stay inspired and seek new perspectives. In this interview, we spoke with a successful entrepreneur who shared insights and stories about their journey that are sure to motivate and inspire others.

Meet the Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur we interviewed, Kate Williams, is the founder and CEO of a company that provides virtual, on-demand executive support to businesses. With over 15 years of experience in executive-level support services, Kate shares her unique perspective as a solo-founder, as well as insights about the massive growth the industry is experiencing.

Background and Start of the Company

Kate’s journey began when she left a corporate job to start taking on freelance work. She found herself at a crossroads when demand for her work became too much to handle and she realized the potential to start her own company. Kate’s business allowed her to expand into a leadership role, managing over 1,000 employees across the U.S.

Success and Failures

Kate has experienced both success and failure throughout her entrepreneurial journey. She shared that the biggest failure can be linked back to fast, rapid growth. In her observation, entrepreneurs must learn to say “No” to clients or else face burnout, exhaustion and a decline in service quality. Kate’s biggest successes have been to work on her company’s brand identity and provide exceptional service to her clients. She always had a special talent in matching clients with the perfect assistants for each project.

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Kate had some great insights to share on the current state of virtual executive support:

  • The industry is growing in leaps and bounds, primarily driven by the remote work era.
  • Companies have come to trust outsourcing positions to innovative companies like her own which provide high-quality service.
  • Virtual executive support is becoming more important as companies look to streamline their workforce and focus on their core competencies.

Kate added that as the remote work era continues, virtual services will become even more crucial to a company’s success.

Challenges Ahead

Kate knows that there are hurdles ahead to continue pushing her business to the next level. One of those challenges is to aggregate distinguished experts and hire them remotely during this era of remote work. The goal is to match the perfect professionals with client’s unique project requirements, thereby ensuring the highest quality output from her team.


Kate’s journey as an entrepreneur provides some valuable insights and stories that are sure to motivate and inspire others. Her story of perseverance through failures, growth, and the challenges ahead demonstrate just how important success in entrepreneurship can be to one’s personal and professional life.

Key Takeaways

  • Saying “No” to clients is sometimes more important than taking on too much.
  • Success in entrepreneurship comes from the company’s unique service offering and a recognizable brand identity.
  • Virtual executive support is more important than ever to businesses in the remote work era.
  • Expect sustained growth in the industry and the need for high-quality virtual services even post-pandemic.
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Q: What led Kate to start her own company?
A: After experiencing massive demand for her freelance work, Kate realized the potential to start her own company.

Q: What is the biggest failure Kate has experienced?
A: Rapid growth led Kate to realize the importance of saying “No” to clients to prevent burnout and declining quality.

Q: What industry insights did Kate provide?
A: The virtual executive support industry is growing rapidly due to remote work and will continue to be important to businesses’ success.

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