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Mastering Telephone Skills on Your Resume: Tips and Examples

Your resume speaks volumes about you before you even meet a prospective employer. Highlighting your telephone skills may set you apart from other candidates in today’s business world, where remote communication is the norm. In this guide, we explore the importance of telephone skills, why they matter to businesses, and how to showcase them on your resume.

What Are Telephone Skills?

Telephone skills are a set of competencies that enable you to communicate effectively with people over the phone. They include proper voice modulation, active listening, clear communication, empathizing, and problem-solving, among others. As more and more businesses adopt remote communication methods, demonstrating strong telephone skills is a valuable asset.

Why Telephone Skills Matter to Business

Good telephone etiquette plays a critical role in attracting and retaining customers and building a company’s reputation. It’s also associated with the success of businesses today. Excellent communication techniques can influence the impression that customers have of a company and can increase customer satisfaction levels. For instance, businesses in the customer service, sales, and healthcare industries rely heavily on telephone skills to communicate with clients.

How to Showcase Telephone Skills on Your Resume

Here are some ideas for highlighting your telephone skills on your resume:

  • Incorporate telephone skills into your experience section. If you have call center experience, for example, describe your responsibilities and the skills you developed.
  • Mention your excellent communication skills in your job summary or objective section. Start by mentioning active listening, empathizing, attention to detail, and problem-solving.
  • Quantify your results. Use figures and statistics to show how you have managed customer calls, closed sales over the phone, or achieved high customer satisfaction levels.
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Top Tips for Improving Your Telephone Skills

To improve your telephone skills, you can:

  • Practice proper telephone etiquette. Introduce yourself politely, thank the caller for contacting you, and provide accurate call transfers.
  • Use active listening techniques. Listen carefully to what your callers are saying and show empathy.
  • Focus on your voice projection, rate modulation, and diction. Ensure that you speak clearly and distinctly, and vary your tone to match your message.

Demonstrating strong telephone skills on your resume can set you apart from other candidates when applying for jobs that require communication with clients over the phone.

Key Takeaways

  • Telephone skills are essential in the business world, particularly in industries like customer service, sales, and healthcare.
  • Good telephone etiquette influences a company’s reputation and can increase customer satisfaction levels.
  • Highlight your telephone skills on your resume by incorporating them into your experience section, mentioning them in your job summary, and providing quantifiable results.
  • To improve your telephone skills, practice proper telephone etiquette, use active listening techniques, and focus on your voice projection, rate modulation, and diction.


What industries require telephone skills?

Industries that require telephone skills include customer service, sales, healthcare, and many others that involve interacting with people over the phone.

Can you develop telephone skills?

Yes, telephone skills can be developed through practice and training. You can improve your telephone skills by focusing on proper telephone etiquette, using active listening techniques, and improving your communication skills.

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