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Outsourcing College Essays: Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Fiverr

As a college student, you might be struggling with a lot of different assignments daily. It can be challenging to juggle completing class notes, studying, running errands, and then writing multiple essays. One potential solution to this is to outsource your college essay assignments to freelance workers such as those found on Fiverr. However, before making the decision to outsource, you need to consider the benefits and drawbacks of using such a platform.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fiverr is an online platform that allows freelance workers to sell their services.
  • Outsourcing college essays can save time and reduce stress, but it can also be expensive.
  • There are ethical concerns surrounding the practice of outsourcing college assignments, especially when it comes to plagiarism.
  • Using Fiverr to complete college essays may not necessarily improve the quality of the education being received.
  • If you decide to outsource, there are ways to ensure the work you pay for is original.

Benefits of Outsourcing College Essays on Fiverr:

One of the primary benefits of using Fiverr to outsource your college essays is that it can save a significant amount of time. When you outsource your assignment, it allows you to focus on other aspects of your education. You can spend your time studying for exams and improving your knowledge of the subject.

Another benefit of outsourcing is that it can reduce stress. As a college student, there are numerous deadlines to meet, and it can be overwhelming at times to manage different assignments simultaneously. By outsourcing your essay to a freelancer, you can eliminate the stress associated with it.

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Moreover, outsourcing your essay can also provide you with access to high-quality writing services. Fiverr is home to a growing number of professional writers who are skilled and experienced in producing high-quality academic papers. This means that you could receive a well-written essay that meets your requirements, and this can positively impact your grades.

Drawbacks of Outsourcing College Essays on Fiverr:

One of the significant drawbacks of outsourcing college essays is that it can be costly. Freelancer rates vary, and it can be challenging to find someone who can deliver a high-quality paper within your budget. Some students prefer to do the work themselves because it can be less expensive than outsourcing.

Another drawback is that outsourcing can be ethically questionable. Colleges and universities have strict rules against plagiarism, and outsourcing an essay puts you at risk of violating those rules. It’s also unethical to pay someone else to do the work that’s supposed to be a reflection of your knowledge and writing ability.

Furthermore, outsourcing college essays might not increase the quality of the education you receive. As a student, the learning experience comes from researching, writing, and critically analyzing the subject matter. By outsourcing the work, you deny yourself the opportunity to develop these critical skills and could end up being ill-prepared for the future.

Ensuring Work is Original:

One of the significant concerns surrounding outsourcing college essays is plagiarism. Plagiarism can have severe consequences, such as academic reprimand or expulsion. To avoid such circumstances, there are ways to ensure the work you pay for is original.

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One way is to use plagiarism checker tools that are readily available online. These tools allow you to check the work for any copied content or language. Additionally, you can also request a plagiarism report from the freelance writer, which should provide you with an assurance that the work is unique.


In conclusion, outsourcing college essays through freelancers on Fiverr can prove beneficial, but it’s not a guaranteed solution. It can save you time and reduce stress, but it can also be expensive, ethically questionable, and may not help to improve your education in the long run. If you decide to outsource, ensure the work you receive is original and that you don’t violate any academic policies or college rules.


1. Is it illegal to outsource college essays?

No, outsourcing college assignments is not illegal, but it can be unethical and may violate academic policies.

2. How much does it cost to outsource college essays?

The cost of outsourcing college essays varies depending on the level of expertise required, the word count, and the deadline.

3. How can I be sure that the work I receive is original?

You can use online plagiarism tool checkers or request plagiarism reports from the freelance writer.

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