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Parents are the Best Teachers

Parents have a significant role in their children’s lives, and one of the most crucial tasks that they have to accomplish is to educate their kids. Although schools and teachers have a vital role in a child’s academic life, there are some things in life that only parents can teach. This article will provide an insight into why parents are the best teachers and what makes them unique.

Key Takeaways

  • Parents are the first teacher that a child has and have the ability to build a deep and meaningful relationship with their children, which in turn helps the children to learn.
  • Parents can teach children practical skills that are not taught in schools, like cooking, cleaning, and basic home repairs.
  • Parents may have life experiences that they can share with their children, providing valuable lessons that go beyond the classroom.
  • Parents are more invested in their child’s success because it directly reflects on their parenting. Therefore, they can motivate their children in ways that schools and teachers cannot.
  • While teachers are well-equipped to provide academic knowledge, parents are better equipped to teach their children morals, values, and emotional intelligence skills such as empathy, resilience, and self-esteem.

Teaching Practical Skills

Parents are the ideal teachers when it comes to developing practical skills that are useful in daily life. Schools may teach children how to solve math problems, but they do not teach children how to balance a checkbook, cook a meal or change a flat tire. Parents can teach children how to do these things, and it empowers children with a sense of self-sufficiency that will benefit them throughout their lives.

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Life Lessons

Another advantage that parents have as teachers is their wealth of life experience. There are situations that children may encounter that are not covered in school, and only parents can share their experiences and provide guidance on how to handle them. These life lessons, whether about relationships, finances, or other topics, are invaluable and can only be taught by someone who has experienced them.

The Parent-Child Bond

Parents have a unique bond with their children that teachers cannot replicate. This bond provides parents with an insight into their child’s personality, strengths, weaknesses, and learning style. They can use this information to tailor their teaching methods to best suit their child’s needs. Furthermore, this bond can motivate children in ways that teachers cannot. Children are more likely to listen to their parents and go the extra mile to make them proud because the child-parent relationship is more than just an academic one.

Addressing Limitations

While parents are exceptional teachers, there are limitations that must be recognized. For example, parents may not have the necessary knowledge to teach a specialized subject like advanced mathematics. However, parents can overcome these limitations by seeking out additional support from other sources such as tutors or online resources.


In conclusion, while schools and teachers play an essential role in a child’s academic life, parents are the best teachers in many ways. They can teach practical skills, share valuable life experiences, and provide unique insights into their child’s needs and learning style. Moreover, their unwavering love and bond with their children provide the motivation and support needed to succeed. Every parent has a duty to be a teacher in their child’s life and embrace their responsibility to guide them into adulthood.

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Q: Can’t teachers teach the same skills as parents? A: While teachers can teach some practical skills, parents have the advantage of teaching skills that go beyond the classroom and are unique to the child’s individual needs.

Q: Can’t children learn emotional intelligence at school? A: While schools teach social-emotional intelligence, parents play an essential role in modeling these skills and teaching values that shape their children’s emotional intelligence.

Q: Can’t teachers motivate children? A: Teachers can motivate children to a certain extent, but there is nothing quite like the motivation that comes from the bond between a parent and child.

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