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Santa Clara University Essay Examples: Critical Analysis and Insightful Perspectives

Writing a compelling essay is a crucial aspect of the college admission process. Apart from impressive grades, the essay reinforces why students are an excellent fit for the university. Santa Clara University is no exception. The admission team expects applicants to write interesting essays that highlight their unique personalities and achievements.

If you are pondering what makes an impressive Santa Clara University essay, this article is for you. We analyze various essay examples to provide critical insights that will help you craft an essay that stands out from others.

Key Takeaways

  • Santa Clara University admission team places a high priority on the essay as part of the admission process.
  • Essay prompts might change from year to year, but they are crafted to reveal the applicant’s character beyond academics.
  • A compelling essay is one that tells a captivating story that connects with the admission team.
  • Showcasing what one brings to the university in terms of diversity and inclusiveness has become more critical than before.

Essay Guidelines at Santa Clara University

The essay prompts at Santa Clara University are designed to assess students’ writing skills, giving them the opportunity to share their experiences, values, soft skills, and aspirations. Over the years, the prompts have changed, reflecting the dynamic nature of the university and the admission team’s priorities.

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One of the essay prompts in 2020-2021 requires applicants to write an essay inspired by the quote “Intellectual curiosity and the pursuit of lifelong learning are essential to personal growth and a fulfilling life.” Applicants are free to approach the essay in any way that resonates with them. The prompt aims to assess an applicant’s intellectual curiosity and showcase how they have used their education to explore their passions and interests.

Another prompt requires students to reflect on how they have demonstrated a commitment to their communities. This essay prompt provides unique opportunities to learners to highlight their leadership and social skills while emphasizing their values and commitment to a worthy cause.

Critical Analysis of Santa Clara University Essay Examples

One of the most effective ways to get insights into Santa Clara University’s essay expectations is to analyze past successful essays. The following are some of the most persuasive essays that got admission to Santa Clara University in the past.

Example 1: The Weight of My Heart

This essay stood out to the admission team because of its captivating storytelling. The writer narrates the story of his/her grandfather and the impact he had on the writer’s life. The ability to bring a unique perspective and showing how one’s culture has shaped their personality is a critical aspect of the Santa Clara University admission essay.

Example 2: Creating the Change

The essay resonates with Santa Clara University’s value of being men and women for others. It tells the story of how the student started a campaign to create awareness of mental health challenges. Such essays showcase the applicant’s leadership and problem-solving skills while highlighting social responsibility.

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Example 3: A Language Not Spoken

This essay provides unique insight into the applicants’ individuality while illustrating how their experiences have shaped their view of the world. The essay tells a story of how the student learned about her/his family’s language and how it has shaped his/her life in a foreign country.


Writing a compelling essay that reveals your character and what you bring to Santa Clara University is crucial for your admission. The critical analysis of the essay examples above is not exhaustive, but it provides insight into the expectations of the admission team. Therefore, strive to write a captivating essay that resonates with the admission team and showcases what you bring to the college.

Useful FAQ

Q: What is Santa Clara University?

A: Santa Clara University (SCU) is a private Jesuit university located in Santa Clara, California. It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, including programs in Arts and Sciences, Business, Education and Counseling Psychology, Engineering, Jesuit School of Theology, and Law.

Q: Which other Universities should I consider if I am not selected in Santa Clara University?

A: If Santa Clara University is not a good fit, you should consider the University of San Diego, Catholic University of America, Loyola Marymount University, Marquette University, and Seattle University.

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