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The Art of the “Naughty” Resume

Have you ever wondered what makes a resume stand out among hundreds or even thousands of others? Surely, you want employers to notice you, but maybe you’re not sure how to grab their attention without breaking the traditional resume rules. Well, let us introduce you to the concept of the “naughty” resume.

The idea behind a “naughty” resume is to include unconventional or taboo information on a resume to spark the interest of the employer. This type of resume is not about including anything offensive or explicit, but rather about adding a touch of humor, creativity or individuality that sets you apart. In this article, we’ll explore the potential benefits and drawbacks of using a naughty resume and provide both successful and unsuccessful examples for reference.

The Benefits of a Naughty Resume

A well-done “naughty” resume can help you stand out, showcase your unique personality, and make the employer remember you above others. The key is to find the perfect balance between injecting a touch of humor and individuality while still maintaining professionalism. Here are some benefits of using a naughty resume:

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1. Attracting the Employer’s Attention

One of the primary benefits of a naughty resume is that it can help catch the employer’s attention. By incorporating personality and humor while still maintaining professionalism, you’ll stand out from the sea of other applicants who used conventional methods, and you’ll be memorable.

2. Highlighting Your Uniqueness and Creativity

One of the key features of a naughty resume is its ability to capture your unique qualities and creativity. By adding a dash of humor or creativity, you can showcase a different side of yourself that can help make you stand out from the competition. This can make a big difference in fields that value creativity, such as media and marketing, where a boring and straightforward resume may not get you noticed.

3. Demonstrating Your Communication Skills

Writing a naughty resume is not an easy task, and it requires advanced writing skills. By crafting a well-written, funny, and engaging “naughty” resume, you can demonstrate your communication skills and showcase your ability to think outside the box.

The Drawbacks of a Naughty Resume

While the benefits of “naughty” resumes are tangible, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. Before you decide to create a naughty resume, here are a few things to consider:

1. Alienating More Traditional Employers

It’s important to assess the company culture before choosing to submit a “naughty” resume. While many modern, creative or start-up companies may welcome a touch of humor and personality, more traditional or conservative companies may not find it amusing – and may even frown upon it.

2. Coming Across as Unprofessional

While incorporating humor and personality is essential, you want to avoid making the hirer believe that you don’t take your work seriously. It’s essential to keep the language and tone professional, avoid profanity, and ensure that the humor is within the limits of what is appropriate for the workplace.

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3. Risk of Being Misunderstood

Humor is subjective, and what one person finds funny may not be amusing to another. It’s essential to ensure that the humor you use on your resume is universal, not inappropriate and aligns with the company’s values you’re applying to. If the humor goes wrong, you risk leaving a negative impression on the employer.

Examples of Successful and Unsuccessful Naughty Resumes

Successful Naughty Resumes

1. Matthew Epstein’s Google Resume

Matthew Epstein’s naughty resume, “Google please hire me,” became an instant viral sensation that landed him a job interview overnight. He created a website showcasing himself as an ideal candidate for Google, which included a creative video of him walking around San Francisco naked (with strategically covered parts) to grab attention. Despite its unconventional way of presentation, his skills and professionalism shone through the video.

2. Nina Mufleh’s Airbnb Resume

Nina Mufleh’s naughty resume, “How I landed interviews at Airbnb, Uber, and more with a viral resume,” started as a simple letter but quickly transformed into a full-fledged interactive website. It showcased her skills creatively by presenting them in a unique way. Her innovative approach earned her wide attention and ultimately led to her job offers from various employers.

Unsuccessful Naughty Resumes

1. Kyle Sulerud’s Tinder Profile

Kyle Sulerud’s “tinder profile as a resume,” – a resume presented in a fake dating profile format- failed miserably, generating controversy in the media. The resume included inappropriate humor that was not well-suited for a professional workspace. It generated more disgust than engagement.

2. Applicant offers Beer & Money

An anonymous male job-seeker once sent his resume with a bottle of wine to a company. In response to their interview, he even boasted that he would hire a stripper to dance on the hirer’s desk if he were to get the job. The company quickly rejected his naughtiness, calling it tasteless, unprofessional, and inconsistent with their corporate values.

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Key Takeaways

A well-crafted naughty resume can give you an edge in a competitive job market, by helping you to stand out from the crowd creatively. To get it right, you need to consider the company’s business values and culture, maintain a professional tone, and steer clear of inappropriate content. As the examples above showcase, it’s possible to create a resume that’s both fun-filled and professional, as long as the humor stays within the appropriate boundaries.


Q. Is it essential to submit a “naughty” resume to stand out?

A. Not at all. A “naughty” resume is not suitable for all fields or companies. For many organizations, a traditional resume works best.

Q. Can humor derail my chances of getting a job?

A. Humor is subjective. Inappropriate humor, however, can derail your chances of getting the job. It’s essential to ensure that your humor aligns with your potential employer’s culture and business values.

Q. Can a “naughty” resume work better than a traditional one?

A. It depends on the circumstances. A “naughty” resume has to be done right, and it works best when applying to a start-up, advertising and creative industries. In other fields, a traditional resume may work best.

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