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The Impact of an Essay: The Story Behind Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard Application

Mark Zuckerberg, the face behind the renowned social media platform Facebook, is an influential individual who has made an impact on society. Many people are aware of the story of the college dropout who rose to become a billionaire entrepreneur, but few know about the intriguing story of his college application essay. In this article, we will delve into the details behind Zuckerberg’s Harvard application essay and how it shaped his career.

Who is Mark Zuckerberg?

Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984, and is known for being the co-founder of Facebook. Zuckerberg grew up in a Jewish family and showed a knack for computer programming at a young age. He attended Phillips Exeter Academy, a prestigious high school that paved the way for his Harvard education.

The Harvard Application Essay

Zuckerberg’s college application essay is perhaps one of the most talked-about essays in history, and for a good reason. The essay gave Harvard Admissions a glimpse into the mind of a young Zuckerberg and how he approached problem-solving.

In his essay, Zuckerberg describes his fascination with computers and technology, which stemmed from his father’s profession as a dentist. He talks about his experience learning how to code and how it unlocked a world for him where he could use logic and critical thinking to solve problems.

One of the most captivating aspects of Zuckerberg’s essay is his ability to connect his passion for coding with his goal of creating social impact. He writes, “I hope to enhance communication and understanding within society using the power of technology.” In the essay, Zuckerberg utilizes his passion for technology as a bridge to social issues and demonstrates his civic-minded initiative.

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Furthermore, Zuckerberg’s essay showcases his exceptional writing ability, as he uses literary devices like imagery and metaphor to convey his message. In one passage, he writes, “My most vivid impression of [the computer] is the dance of the heat waves on its silver-colored surface.” The use of imagery provides insight into Zuckerberg’s creativity and imagination, further proving his unique approach to solving problems.

The Impact of the Essay

Zuckerberg’s college application essay undoubtedly had a significant impact on his acceptance to Harvard. His essay demonstrated that he had a unique approach to problem-solving and a clear vision for his future. Furthermore, the essay showcased Zuckerberg’s exceptional writing ability and unique ability to connect his technological passion with social issues.

Zuckerberg’s essay not only had an effect on his college admission, but it contributed to his success in his future endeavors. Although he left Harvard to pursue his ambitions, his passion for launching a platform that would connect people online culminated in what we now know as Facebook.

Key Takeaways

  • The quality of a college application essay can significantly impact admission decisions.
  • College application essays should demonstrate a unique approach to problem-solving and a clear vision for the future.
  • A good college essay should showcase exceptional writing ability and a unique perspective.
  • A college essay can contribute to future successes and accomplishments.


Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard application essay is a testament to the impact that a well-crafted essay can have on future success. His essay showcased his writing ability, critical thinking skills, and civic-minded initiative. It is a reminder to students that a college essay should not only demonstrate academic success but also personal vision and creativity.

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Useful FAQ

Q: Did Zuckerberg’s essay guarantee his admission to Harvard?

A: No, an application essay is just one component of the college application process, and admission decisions are based on a variety of factors. However, Zuckerberg’s essay did exhibit his unique perspective and problem-solving skills, which could have contributed to his acceptance.

Q: Can a college essay influence future success?

A: Yes, a college essay serves as a reflection of a student’s character and aspirations. It can impact how they are perceived by both admissions and future employers.

Q: Are there any tips for writing a successful college application essay?

A: Yes, students should focus on conveying their unique perspective, showcasing exceptional writing abilities, and tying their interests to a broader theme or issue. Students should also seek out feedback from others and utilize writing resources available to them.

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