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The Importance of Revising an Argumentative Essay

Crafting a persuasive argumentative essay is not a one-time task. The process of creating an argumentative essay requires your utmost attention and focus. Writing an argumentative essay needs meticulous planning, research, drafting and most importantly, revision. Fine-tuning your essay is a vital part of the writing process that must not be ignored.

If you have written your essay, then congratulations! However, don’t put your pen down yet because the next step is just as important. Revising and editing your argumentative essay is what turns a good piece into a great one. In this article, I will walk you through the crucial elements to look out for when revising an argumentative essay.

Key Elements to Look Out for During Revision


As you revise your argumentative essay, the foremost element you need to be conscious of is clarity. Your essay must engage your readers while communicating a clear message devoid of any ambiguity. Readers should be equipped with a solid understanding of the thesis statement and its purpose. Ensure that each sentence and paragraph supports your thesis directly or indirectly.


Without coherence, an argumentative essay lacks direction, making it unappealing to readers. Coherence refers to the flow of thoughts and ideas in a structured and logical manner. Ensure that there is a logical progression of ideas that are connected with transitional words and phrases. Consider using headings and subheadings to convey the structure of your argumentative essay.

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Revision entails tightening your writing, which means getting rid of words that do not add value to your argument. A concise argumentative essay is empowered by a powerful thesis statement that uses facts, evidence and logic to advance the thesis. It helps to use simple, active sentences to convey your ideas.

Feedback and Critiques

Feedback and critiques are fantastic tools that enable you to address any issues your essay may have. Consider asking someone to read your essay and provide feedback on areas that could be improved. As you revise, use their critiques to make necessary adjustments.

Peer Editing and Self-Assessment

Peer editing refers to asking a fellow writer to review your essay and offer suggestions for revisions. Self-assessment, on the other hand, is a personal evaluation of your own essay. Peer editing and self-assessment can give you a different perspective on your essay and help you spot weaknesses you may have missed.

Common Mistakes to Avoid During Revision

  • Ignoring feedback and critiques
  • Neglecting to proofread for errors
  • Failing to address structural or organizational issues
  • Adding unnecessary words or sentences
  • Overlooking the counterarguments

Key Takeaways

  • Revision is a critical part of the argumentative essay writing process.
  • Clarity, coherence and concision are essential elements to consider when revising.
  • Feedback and critiques are useful tools that help improve an argumentative essay.
  • Peer editing and self-assessment provide valuable perspectives to revise an essay.
  • Common mistakes during revision include ignoring feedback, failing to proofread, and overlooking counterarguments.

Don’t let your hard work go to waste by neglecting the crucial step of revising your argumentative essay. By following these key elements, you can turn your essay into an engaging and persuasive piece that meets its intended purpose.

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Useful FAQ

When should I start revising my argumentative essay?

You should start revising your argumentative essay once you have completed the initial draft. This allows you to fine-tune your writing and evaluate the strength of your argument.

Is it necessary to revise my argumentative essay?

Yes, it is necessary to revise your argumentative essay. Revision enables you to polish your work, identify issues, and improve your writing further.

How do I receive feedback or critiques on my argumentative essay?

Consider asking your classmates or your instructor for feedback, or use online writing communities to get feedback. You can also hire a professional editor to critique your work.

Are there any tips for peer editing my argumentative essay?

When peer editing, it is essential to identify potential weaknesses in the argument and suggest changes for improvement. It would also help if you provided constructive feedback that is specific and actionable.

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