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The Most Daunting Aspects of Essay Writing: A Personal Insight

As a freelance writer, I have come to appreciate the intricacies of writing essays, both academically and professionally. Essay writing is a common task expected of students at all levels of schooling, and many have attested to its difficulty. From selecting appropriate topics to organizing your ideas, essay writing can be a daunting task, even for the most seasoned writer.

Devising a Clear Thesis Statement

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of writing an essay is developing a clear and concise thesis statement. A thesis statement explicitly outlines the argument or stance that the essay will take. The statement needs to be clear, persuasive, and pertinent to the topic at hand. Crafting one can be a daunting task because it requires extensive research and the ability to concisely express the core message in a statement.

Through experience, and with client deadlines creeping up, I have learned to approach thesis statement when I’m less stressed. I find it helpful to read through the available material on the subject at hand, taking notes on key points that support the objective of the piece. Finally, to help formulate a thesis statement, I create a mind map that connects the main ideas gathered. From here, developing a thesis statement becomes an easier task.

Developing Cohesive Ideas

Organizing ideas in a way that makes sense and tells a logical story can be a significant challenge when writing an essay. Ensuring that every paragraph adds value to the story can make the difference between a good essay and an excellent one. As a writer, I have found a roadmap to brainstorming helpful in overcoming this challenge. Brainstorming might involve freestyle writing (Jotting down your ideas), or creating a spider diagram to connect the ideas in the essay logically.

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Balancing research and original thought

Another key challenge when writing essays is finding a balance between research and original thought. In academic writing, research and citations play a significant part in establishing the credibility of the paper. Nevertheless, writers ought to develop original arguments and provide insightful opinions regarding the subject matter. This challenge arises because while research provides necessary information to support claims, it can sometimes overshadow original thought.

To balance research and original thought in essays, I start by researching the topic extensively, focusing on the opinion and arguments of others before brainstorming my original ideas. I also try to establish a unique perspective on the subject matter, whether it’s through personal experience or research, to add value to the story.


In conclusion, crafting a clear thesis statement, organizing ideas cohesively, and balancing research and original thought are significant challenges in essay writing. However, these challenges can be addressed through a variety of techniques, like brainstorming and mind mapping, to help establish clear arguments.

While these strategies won’t work for every writer, they can help create a more cohesive, well-articulated essay that speaks to the reader. By incorporating them into their practice, writers can develop more efficient methods of writing essays and enhance their writing’s clarity and coherence.

Key Takeaways

  • Developing a concise and effective thesis statement is vital when writing an essay.
  • Organizing ideas logically is critical in telling a comprehensive story, and brainstorming can help establish a clear roadmap.
  • Balancing research and original thought is essential when writing an essay.


Why is it important to establish a clear thesis statement when writing an essay?

A clear thesis statement provides the reader with an overview of the entire essay’s central argument or stance. It needs to be concise, persuasive, and pertinent to the topic at hand, to avoid confusing the reader. A clear thesis statement will provide a roadmap for the remainder of the essay, enhancing the reader’s experience.

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What is the plural form of thesis?

The plural form of thesis is theses.

How do you balance research and original thought when writing an essay?

To balance research and original thought, you may start by conducting extensive research on the topic to identify other writers’ opinions and arguments. You can then brainstorm original ideas while considering the research previously carried out. It’s essential to establish a unique perspective, through either personal experience or research, to add value to the story.

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