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The Perplexing Moment of Emailing Your English Teacher Your Essay

Sending an essay to your English teacher can be a nerve-wracking experience. The anticipation and nervousness of waiting for a response can be overwhelming. However, feedback is crucial for growth and improvement. This article will guide you through what to expect when emailing your English teacher your essay, waiting for a response, and incorporating feedback.

Emailing the Essay to the English Teacher

Emailing an essay to your English teacher can be a daunting task. There are many thoughts that run through your mind before hitting the “send” button. You may wonder if you used the correct format, if it’s good enough, if you made grammar mistakes or if you missed anything important. Double-checking your essay before hitting “send” can provide some relief knowing that you have given it your best shot.

Waiting for the Response

Waiting can be a challenging part of submitting an essay. It can take a few days or longer before you get feedback, and the waiting time can feel like an eternity. During that time, it’s easy to fall prey to unnecessary anxiety or restlessness. Your mind may start to imagine countless scenarios, good or bad, regarding the feedback you might receive.

The Response

Finally, the moment arrives, and the teacher responds to your email. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, it’s essential to focus on how it can contribute to your learning journey. While positive feedback is always welcome, negative feedback is equally crucial as it provides you with room for growth and highlighted areas that need your attention.

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Improving the Essay

Incorporating feedback is vital when improving your essay. Read the feedback carefully and make the necessary changes that were suggested. Be open to the recommended directions for correcting minor errors, developing ideas, or improving clarity. It’s important to remember that the feedback is an opportunity to learn, and incorporating it will improve your writing skills continuously.

The Outcome

When you’ve made the necessary changes, you can send your revised essay back to your teacher. The outcome of your revised essay will be a reflection of your effort and your teacher’s feedback. While you won’t always get the grade you want, you’ll likely learn a valuable lesson and see an improvement in your writing style. Receiving feedback and being willing to improve is an essential part of becoming a better writer.

Key Takeaways

  • Emailing an essay to your English teacher can be a nerve-wracking experience.
  • Waiting for feedback can be a challenging part of the essay submission process.
  • Feedback can be both positive or negative, but it is essential to focus on learning.
  • Incorporating feedback is required to improve your writing skills.
  • Learning and growing from feedback is an essential part of improving your writing.
  • Receiving feedback and being willing to improve is an essential part of becoming a better writer.


What if I don’t agree with the feedback given by my teacher?

Remember that feedback is subjective, and your English teacher may have a different perspective compared to your own. It is always best to consider the feedback objectively and to ask for clarifications if you do not understand why a particular point was raised.

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What if my teacher is taking longer than expected to respond?

It’s important to remember that you are not the only student seeking feedback from your teacher. Your teacher likely has other priorities that require their attention. If you feel that it has been an unreasonable amount of time without receiving feedback, it’s always a good idea to follow up with your teacher via email politely.

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