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The Rise of Resume Memes: Using Humor to Stand Out in the Job Search

Are you tired of your boring, run-of-the-mill resume getting lost in the stack of applications? Enter: the resume meme.

Resume memes are exactly what they sound like–memes in the form of a resume that add a touch of humor and personality to an otherwise dull document. But why have they become so popular, and should you consider using them in your job search?

What Are Resume Memes?

A resume meme takes the basic structure of a resume (contact information, work experience, education, etc.) and adds a humorous twist. Popular examples include resumes styled after famous TV shows or movies, or resumes featuring memes like the Drake “Hotline Bling” template.

Perhaps the most famous example of a resume meme is the “Infographic Resume” created by graphic designer Chris Spurlock. The resume is set up like a subway map, with Spurlock’s various skills and experiences represented by different stops. The resume went viral and landed Spurlock a job at The Huffington Post.

Why Have They Resonated with Job Seekers and Employers?

Resume memes have caught on because they add a personal touch to a traditionally formal document. Job seekers can use them to show off their creativity and sense of humor, while employers are intrigued by candidates who are willing to take risks and stand out from the crowd.

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At the same time, employers are increasingly seeking candidates who are a good culture fit. Resume memes provide a glimpse into a job seeker’s personality and values, which can help employers determine if they would be a good match for the company culture.

Incorporating Humor into Your Resume

While adding humor to your resume can help you stand out, there is a fine line between being funny and coming across as unprofessional. Here are some tips for incorporating humor into your resume:

  • Keep it tasteful: Avoid jokes or references that are offensive or could be taken the wrong way.
  • Use humor selectively: A little bit goes a long way. Focus on adding humor to one or two sections of your resume, such as your hobbies or interests section.
  • Stay true to yourself: Make sure the humor you add aligns with your personal brand and values.

The Impact of Resume Memes on the Hiring Process

While resume memes can help job seekers stand out, there are potential risks as well. Some employers may not appreciate the use of humor in a professional setting, and some job seekers may not be able to effectively communicate their skills and experience through a non-traditional format.

That being said, the use of resume memes is becoming more common and accepted. In fact, some companies have even started using them in their own job postings as a way to attract creative and innovative candidates.

Should You Use Humor in Your Resume?

The decision to use humor in your resume ultimately depends on your personal brand and job search strategy. If you are applying for creative or non-traditional roles, a resume meme or a touch of humor in your traditional resume may be just what you need to catch the hiring manager’s attention.

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However, if you are applying for more traditional roles in conservative industries, it may be best to avoid using humor in your resume altogether.

Key Takeaways:

  • Resume memes add a personal touch to an otherwise formal document.
  • Use humor tastefully and selectively to avoid coming across as unprofessional.
  • Resume memes can help job seekers stand out, but there are potential risks depending on the company culture and job role.
  • The decision to use humor in a resume depends on personal brand and job search strategy.

Resume memes can be a fun and effective way to differentiate yourself in the job search, but it’s important to use them wisely. With a little bit of humor and a lot of self-awareness, you can create a resume that truly stands out from the crowd.


What industries should avoid using humor in a resume?

It’s best to avoid using humor in your resume if you are applying for more traditional roles in conservative industries, such as finance or law.

Can I use a resume meme for every job application?

While resume memes can be effective, it’s important to consider the company culture and job role before using them in every application. If you’re applying for a more serious or traditional role, it may be best to stick to a traditional resume format.

How can I make sure my humor is appropriate for the company culture?

Research the company and its values before incorporating humor into your application. Try to keep the tone of your humor in line with the company’s overall tone and values.

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