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The Rise of Video Essay Critiques and the Significance of Reddit

Video essays have become a vital element of contemporary online discourse, and Reddit has emerged as a significant platform for this type of content. Initially starting as a vehicle for more traditional movie criticism, this format has developed and transcended into a medium that has critical analyses of video games, television shows, and social issues. In this article, we will delve into the world of video essay critiques and Reddit’s relevance to it.

Video Essays: A Brief History

The term “video essay” originates from the French term “essai,” meaning “an attempt” or “a trial.” Initially, the concept of video essays was conceived in the mid-20th century as a form of film criticism. These essays took the form of written works, which were then accompanied by still images of footage from the film in question. The purpose of video essays within initial academic circles was to provide a visual auxiliary to theoretical or written arguments.

In the late ’90s and early 2000s, video essays began to appear on the internet. They were typically short, low-quality videos that were shared through online forums like YouTube. The style and structure of video essays further evolved to become more like the traditional video content that we are familiar with today. The improvements in technology, software, and video editing capabilities led to the emergence of more sophisticated and visually appealing video essays.

The Communities that Foster Video Essayization on Reddit

As the popularity of video essays grew, so did the communities that fostered them. Reddit serves as a hub for discussions, sharing, and critique of video essays as well as being a platform for the creators of such content to showcase their work to a larger audience. On Reddit, there are various subreddits dedicated to different aspects of media where users share their essays, offer critiques, and engage in discussions over the topic. These subreddits range from specific areas such as TV shows or video games to broader topics such as film, politics, or even philosophy.

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The subreddits dedicated to video essay critiques have become communities of enthusiasts that promote the importance of visual and textual analysis of media. Reddit has proven to be a robust platform for this, as it encourages the development of more in-depth and complex discussions compared to other social media platforms.

The Significance of Video Essay Critiques

Video essays have emerged as a popular and important form of media criticism due to their accessibility, ease of consumption, and the relative lack of restrictions on their creation. Unlike traditional forms of criticism, such as print media or academic publications, video essays are free from the strict conventions and rules of professional writing, thus able to present their ideas in new and exciting ways.

The visual component of video essays, combined with the audio commentary, allows for a more effective means of conveying complicated concepts, theoretical ideas, or personal reactions to the work in question. Additionally, video essays often incorporate elements of culture, history, and current events into their critiques, providing a deeper and more multi-faceted perspective on the topic in question.

Key Takeaways

  • Video essays originated as a form of academic film criticism.
  • Video essays have become a popular form of online discourse, transcending film criticism into other areas of culture and media critique.
  • Reddit is a significant platform for video essays, fostering dedicated communities of enthusiasts and allowing creators to showcase their work to global audiences.
  • Video essays’ accessibility and flexibility have made them an essential part of contemporary media criticism.
  • Video essays provide a more visually engaging way to present critiques while offering deeper perspectives on the topic.
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Video essay critiques have become synonymous with contemporary online discourse, thanks to the continued development and adaptation of the form, as well as Reddit fostering various communities for it. The versatility, accessibility, and freedom of video essays make them an essential component of criticism in contemporary times. We hope this article has provided some insight into this fascinating form of media critique.


What Makes Reddit an Ideal Platform for Video Essay Critiques?Reddit is an ideal platform for video essay critiques because it encourages open and in-depth discussions and presents a global platform for the creators to showcase their work.

What is the Significance of Video Essay Critiques in Modern Times?Video essay critiques have become a popular form of cultural and media criticism, offering valuable insights, addressing social and political issues, and providing a multi-faceted perspective that other forms of criticism cannot.

Why are Video Essays More Effective in Presenting Critiques?Video essays use a combination of visuals and audio commentary to convey their ideas, making it an effective way to present difficult theoretical or textual concepts.

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