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The Ultimate Guide to Writing the Cornell Supplement Essay 2018

The admissions essay is a crucial component of any college application, and the Cornell Supplement Essay is no exception. As a potential applicant, it is essential that you understand what the essay entails and how to craft an exceptional piece to help you stand out from other applicants. Here’s everything you need to know about the Cornell Supplement Essay 2018:

What is the Cornell Supplement Essay 2018, and why is it important?

The Cornell Supplement Essay is a requirement for all applicants who wish to join Cornell University. It’s an opportunity for you to showcase your personality, academic interests, and unique qualities. Admissions officers use the essay to evaluate your writing skills, personality, and overall fit for the university.

What are the essay prompts for the 2018 application cycle, and what are they looking for in a successful essay?

The Cornell Supplement Essay prompts for the 2018 application cycle are as follows:

  1. Why are you drawn to studying the major you have selected? Please discuss how your interests and related experiences have influenced your choice. Specifically, how will an education from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) and Cornell University help you achieve your academic goals?

  2. Cornell SC Johnson College of Business: Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management: How have your interests and experiences influenced your decision to study Applied Economics and Management? Describe how you would take advantage of the Dyson School’s unique opportunities, for example, its affiliation with both the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

  3. College of Arts and Sciences: Describe two or three of your intellectual interests and why you are excited to pursue them within your chosen major in AAP. What personal experiences, background, or future goals will you bring to your scholarly and artistic pursuits at Cornell?

  4. School of Hotel Administration: The global hospitality industry includes hotel and foodservice management, real estate, finance, entrepreneurship, marketing, technology, and law. Describe what has influenced your decision to study business through the lens of hospitality. What personal qualities make you a good fit for SHA?

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Admissions officers are looking for essays that demonstrate your academic interests and aspirations. They want to know why you are drawn to your chosen major and how it aligns with your future academic and career goals. They are also interested in learning about your unique perspective, life experiences, and personal qualities that make you a good fit for the university.

How should students approach the essay, and what are some tips on how to write a successful essay?

The key to writing a successful Cornell Supplement Essay is to be mindful of the prompt and to write an engaging, thoughtful, and well-structured essay. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Understand the prompt: Read and reread the prompt to get a clear understanding of what the admissions officers are looking for. Make sure you address each part of the prompt in your essay.

  2. Show your personality: The essay is an opportunity to showcase your personality and unique qualities. Use personal anecdotes and examples to illustrate your points.

  3. Be specific: Avoid generalizations and clichés. Use specific examples and details to demonstrate your interests, experiences, and aspirations.

  4. Demonstrate your fit: Show how your interests, experiences, and personality align with the university’s mission and values.

  5. Proofread and edit: Review your essay carefully for spelling and grammar errors, and make sure your essay is well-structured and flows logically.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing the Cornell Supplement Essay?

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when writing the Cornell Supplement Essay:

  • Copying and pasting content from other sources
  • Writing a generic essay that doesn’t demonstrate your personality or interests
  • Focusing too much on the past and not enough on your future goals and aspirations
  • Ignoring the prompt
  • Using slang or informal language
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How can students make their essay stand out from the rest and showcase their unique qualities and experiences?

To make your essay stand out, you need to showcase your unique qualities and experiences. Here are some tips to help you:

  1. Be authentic: Avoid writing what you think the admissions officers want to hear. Instead, write from the heart and be yourself.

  2. Highlight your strengths: Use personal anecdotes and examples to demonstrate your strengths and unique qualities.

  3. Show your passion: Write about your passions and interests and why they are important to you.

  4. Be concise: Make sure your essay is easy to read and flows logically.

  5. Be creative: Use descriptive language and literary devices to make your essay stand out.


Writing an exceptional Cornell Supplement Essay is not easy, but it’s worth the effort. Use this guide to help you craft an essay that showcases your academic interests, future goals, and unique qualities. Remember to be authentic, specific, and creative, and you’ll increase your chances of standing out from other applicants.


Q: How long should the Cornell Supplement Essay be?A: The Cornell Supplement Essay should be no more than 650 words.

Q: Should I respond to all the prompts?A: No, you should only respond to the prompt that is relevant to your major or field of interest.

Q: Can I reuse an essay from another college application?A: No, you should write a new essay specifically for the Cornell Supplement Essay.

Q: What is the deadline for submitting the Cornell Supplement Essay?A: The deadline is usually January 2nd, but make sure to check the official website for specific dates.

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