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The Ultimate Stay-at-Home Dad Resume Example: Tips and Tricks on How to Showcase Your Skills and Experience

The role of a stay-at-home dad is almost as old as time, but unlike the traditional dad, stay-at-home dads are still trying to find their place in society. Being a stay-at-home dad requires patience, organization, and multitasking abilities, all essential skills that transfer well to the workplace. However, some people still view stay-at-home dads as being out of touch with reality or doubting their capabilities to get the job done, making it harder to find work.

If you’re a stay-at-home dad looking to return to the workforce, creating a resume is a crucial step in the job application process. Your resume should showcase how the skills you gained as a stay-at-home dad will make you a valuable asset to any company. In this article, we discuss tips and tricks for stay-at-home dads to create a compelling resume that will stand out.

Key Takeaways

  • Highlight parenting skills and show how they can transfer to workplace abilities.
  • Prioritize your career goals and demonstrate how they match the employer’s mission and goals.
  • Showcase your transferable skills on your resume using storytelling and examples.
  • Incorporate volunteer work and continuing education to show professional development and demonstrate industry knowledge.

Highlight Parenting Skills

As a stay-at-home dad, you have several transferable skills developed through caring for your children. Your parenting skills, such as multitasking, patience, and organization, could translate well into a wide range of workplace skills, such as project management and time management.

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On your resume, you can showcase your abilities by using anecdotes and stories that detail difficult moments in your parenting journey and how you overcame them. Whether it was managing the household schedule, balancing the budget or meal planning, these skills should be highlighted in the summary of skills section. Furthermore, skills like teamwork and communication can be demonstrated by discussing how you successfully navigated complex family dynamics.

Prioritize Your Career Goals

When you decide to return to the workforce, it is vital to determine the industry and the specific job you want to pursue. You can then tailor your resume to the employer’s mission and goals, making it easier for you to stand out from other applicants.

You can demonstrate your career goals by using a statement of purpose section that briefly explains your career aspirations and how the work experience will help you achieve those goals. You should also include any relevant coursework or training that you have completed while away from the workforce.

Showcase Transferable Skills

In addition to parenting skills, stay-at-home dads possess other transferable skills that can be utilized in the workforce. Your experience in budgeting, event planning, or even home improvements will come in handy when applying for jobs.

When describing your work experience, try to use the same language that the job posting does to illustrate how your skills relate to the position. If the job requires leadership skills, discuss how you’ve managed your family while your partner worked, and the decisions you made in running the household.

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Incorporate Volunteer Work and Continuing Education

Volunteering and continuing education are excellent ways of actively contributing to society while keeping skills up-to-date. Employers like to see that you have been active in volunteering or took some classes to update your skills during your career break.

Incorporate your volunteer experience and continuing coursework in your resume, detailing any relevant skills or experience gained. Include any certification courses you have taken or any online courses that demonstrate an understanding of the latest tools or trends in the industry.


Creating a compelling resume is key for stay-at-home dads when returning to the workforce. Highlighting your parenting skills, career goals, transferable skills, volunteer work, and continuing education can help you stand out in the crowd. Whenever submitting an application, you want to ensure that your resume is tailored to the job you’re applying for so that you can effectively demonstrate your abilities.


Q. Is it necessary to explain the career break on the resume?

It is unnecessary to detail the reason for the career break, but it might be helpful in certain circumstances. Some companies may view stay-at-home dads as not keeping up to date or may ask why there’s a gap in the middle of their job history.

Q. What are some of the transferable skills I could highlight on my resume as a stay-at-home dad?

Skills that could be highlighted include communication, organization, attention to detail, time management, project management, and problem-solving.

Q. Why is continuing education important to employers?

Continuing education is a way to demonstrate your commitment to your profession, and it shows that you’re continuously developing your skillset. Employers value ongoing learning and development, and they often view it positively when hiring a candidate.

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