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What I Learned in Public Speaking Class: My Personal Insights and Growth

Public speaking is a skill that is essential in today’s world. Whether in school, business, or everyday life, the ability to communicate effectively with others is crucial. However, speaking in front of an audience can be challenging for many people, including myself. That’s why I decided to take a public speaking class to improve my skills and overcome my fear of speaking in front of others. In this article, I will share my personal insights and growth during my public speaking class and the valuable lessons I learned.

My Biggest Challenge in Class

My biggest challenge in class was dealing with nerves and anxiety. Every time I spoke in front of the class, my heart would race, and my palms would sweat. I was so nervous that I struggled to remember what I wanted to say, and my overall delivery was shaky.

Overcoming the Challenge

To overcome my nervousness, I took several steps. The first was to practice my speeches repeatedly until I had them fully memorized. This gave me confidence in knowing what I was going to say and allowed me to focus on delivering the speech effectively. I also practiced deep breathing exercises and positive affirmations to calm my nerves before speaking in front of the class.

However, one of the most effective ways I overcame my nervousness was by focusing on my audience. Instead of worrying about how I would look or sound in front of them, I focused on how I could communicate effectively with them. I made eye contact with different members of the class, used humor and stories to bring my speeches to life, and interacted with them.

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Valuable Lessons Learned

Through my public speaking class, I learned several valuable lessons that I will carry with me throughout my life. The first was the importance of preparation. By preparing my speeches thoroughly, I was able to deliver them with greater confidence and clarity.

I also learned that effective public speaking involves engaging and interacting with the audience. By treating each speech as a conversation rather than a monologue, I was able to connect more deeply with my listeners and keep their attention throughout.

Finally, I learned that public speaking is a skill that can be improved through practice and feedback. By seeking feedback from my classmates and instructor, I was able to identify areas where I needed improvement and work on them.

Key Takeaways

  • Public speaking can be challenging, but it’s a valuable skill to have
  • Preparation is key to effective public speaking
  • Focusing on the audience can help overcome nervousness
  • Engaging with the audience is critical to keep their attention and promote meaningful conversation


My public speaking class was a valuable experience that helped me grow both personally and professionally. By overcoming my fear of speaking in front of others and learning valuable skills like preparation, engaging with the audience, and seeking feedback, I feel more confident in my ability to communicate effectively with others.

Whether you are a student, business professional, or anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills, I encourage you to take a public speaking class. With practice, persistence, and the willingness to learn, anyone can become an effective communicator.


Q: How can I overcome my fear of public speaking?

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A: One way to overcome fear is to focus on your audience. By engaging with them and treating your speech as a conversation, you can reduce your nervousness and feel more confident.

Q: What are some tips for preparing for a public speaking engagement?

A: Prepare your speech thoroughly, practice it repeatedly, and seek feedback from peers or professionals. It’s also helpful to anticipate potential questions and prepare your responses in advance.

Q: Can public speaking be improved through practice?

A: Yes! Public speaking is a skill that can be developed with practice and feedback. The more you speak in public, the more comfortable and confident you will become.

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