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Why Legalizing Prostitution Can Benefit Society

In modern times, prostitution has been considered taboo in most societies. For this reason, it has been largely condemned and pushed underground. While various arguments have been presented both for and against legalizing prostitution, this article focuses on why it should be legalized, and the reasons behind it.

Key Takeaways

  • Legalizing prostitution could lessen the spread of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Prostitution can offer a secure and regulated environment for sex workers
  • Legalization can reduce sex trafficking rates

In the following sections, we will explore these benefits in detail.

Slowing the Spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

According to the World Health Organization, people who exchange sexual favors for money are at a greater risk of contracting HIV/AIDs and other sexually transmitted diseases. This is mostly attributed to the lack of regulation, precautions, and healthcare provisions surrounding the activity in most nations.

By legalizing prostitution, the act is brought into the open, and the prostitutes, brothel owners, and clients can be mandated to follow strict health protocols, such as regular testing, use of condoms, and vaccination against the disease. This move can significantly reduce the transmission of such infections, and in turn, lower the public health risks.

Providing a Safe and Secure Environment for Sex Workers

In countries where buying and selling of sex is prohibited, sex workers operate in dark alleys, parks or private establishments, both putting themselves and their clients at risk. Violence can be frequent, the working conditions harsh, and the risk of being exploited and abused high.

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Legalizing prostitution would mean that sex workers must fulfill certain criteria to operate, such as minimum age, regular check-ups, and other safety protocols. This would ensure that they operate in a secure and regulated environment, eventually leading to a reduction in violence in this profession.

Reducing Sex Trafficking

A significant number of women and girls across the world are forced into prostitution every year, either through coercion, threats or deceit. From the trafficked women’s perspective, they are often promised well-paying jobs abroad that do not materialize, leaving them with no option but to engage in prostitution.

Legalization would make it easier to pursue and prosecute the perpetrators of sex trafficking. Furthermore, legalizing prostitution would create a pathway for an easy path to becoming a legal prostitute with legal rights allowing a better stand. Prostitution that is legalized also allows the law enforcement to dedicate its might to working towards dissolving sex trafficking rings rather than going after adult consenting sex workers. Bringing women under the radar screen to ensure they’re not silenced by fear can lead to an eventual control of sex trafficking rings.

Wrapping Up

Legalizing prostitution could have many benefits, such as slowing the spread of sexually transmitted infections, providing a secure and regulated environment for sex workers, reducing violence, and stemming the rise of sex trafficking. Of course, there are negative aspects of prostitution, such as the morality debate, and enforcing public health protocols could be challenging, but there are various benefits that should be considered.


1. How does legalizing prostitution reduce sex trafficking?

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Legalizing prostitution can create a safe and secure environment for sex workers, and make it easier to address sex trafficking by arresting those involved.

2. Can legalizing prostitution slow the spread of STDs?

Yes, legalizing prostitution can help contract sexually transmitted infections by making it easier to regulate sex workers and clients, enforce health requirements, and conduct regular testing.

3. Does legalizing prostitution increase immoral habits?

This is debated largely but a legal and regulated market can have a positive impact on all aspects furthermore it can control the negative impact that comes from unregulated prostitution.

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