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Writing an Impressive Reapplicant Essay for Graduate School Applications

Are you a graduate school aspirant who did not receive an offer of admission last year? Worry not, and do not get discouraged. If you are determined to pursue a graduate degree, the possibility of re-applying to the same institution exists. One of the most critical components of a winning re-application package is the reapplicant essay. In this article, we will explain what a reapplicant essay is and how to write a compelling one.

What is a Reapplicant Essay?

In most graduate programs, re-applicants are asked to submit a specific essay describing how their application has evolved over the year, what they have learned, and why they are more deserving of admission this time. The reapplication essay indicates that you are dedicated to the school and the program to which you are applying.

Why is the Reapplicant Essay Important?

If your previous application was rejected, this is an opportunity to showcase how much you have grown, what you have overcome, and the new skills you have acquired since your previous application. Beyond the broad picture, present how you have improved your application’s weaknesses and what you are doing to reinforce your strengths.

To write an excellent reapplicant essay, consider the following key takeaways:

  • Stay positive and focus on the progress you have made. In the reapplicant essay, appreciate the opportunity to show how you have grown over the past year by emphasizing the positive changes you have made.

  • Analyze and understand your weaknesses. Discover why your previous application was declined to figure out what you need to improve in your re-application package.

  • Present your objectives and career plans. Include detailed career goals and a comprehensive explanation of your career aspirations. Be specific about how a graduate degree would help you accomplish those goals.

  • Show how you have improved since your last application. Demonstrate self-awareness and data-driven decisions about the steps you have taken since your last application to address the weaknesses that led to a failed admission.

  • Highlight why you are applying to this program again. Additionally, to why you are a good fit for the program, discuss why you want to attend this particular university and program. Convince the admissions committee that your interest in the program is genuinely renewed, and your determination has increased.

  • Remember the point of the essay. Ensure your essay is focused on the original prompt by engaging in extensive research about the program and analyzing the prompt’s directions.

  • Edit, Proofread, and Review. Just like every other component of your application package, the essay needs to be free of errors, properly formatted and edited for clarity and conciseness.

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To summarize, a re-applicant essay presents a unique opportunity to stand out as an exceptional candidate by showcasing your growth since your previous application. Remember the core importance of your essay by analyzing your weaknesses and presenting how much you have grown since your previous application, research the program and the prompt, and show why you should be admitted based on your new skills and experiences.

With these key takeaways, your reapplicant essay will impress the admissions committee and help you stand out as a top-tier applicant.


Should I explain my previous rejection in my reapplicant essay?

You should focus on the positive steps you have taken since your last application instead of directly addressing your previous rejection. Admissions committees are more interested in your growth and what makes you a stronger candidate than why you were rejected the first time.

How many revisions should I make to my reapplicant essay?

Polishing your reapplicant essay is crucial. You should make as many revisions as necessary to ensure that your essay is thorough, logical, and free of grammatical and typographical errors. Seek feedback from peers, teachers, and other professionals to improve your essay further.

Should I structure my reapplicant essay differently than my original application essay?

Yes. Do not recycle your previous application essay. Instead, tailor your reapplicant essay to the prompt for the specific program to which you’re applying. Further, present new knowledge, achievements, and progress you have made since submitting the original application.

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